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13 Oct

If you did not know, water is very important to keep us fully hydrated and to keep our body parts functioning properly. Many people take water for granted. They opt to have a soda instead of a refreshing drink of water.  I understand because sometimes you just want a "Pepsi or Crush Orange" soda from the neighborhood store.  I know you have heard the term  "dehydrated," which means lack of fluids, which is water. For instance, I had to get blood work done, and the phlebotomist asked had I drank water. On this particular morning, I had not drank any water.  My vein was not popping out, and usually that is not a problem because I have big veins.  Before she took blood, she told me to drink some water.  After a few minutes of drinking water, my veins popped right out, and she took blood without any problems.  I know, I know, water has no flavor, no style, just boring, but without it, we would suffer quite severely.  Your body is like a machine, and that machine needs to be lubricated in order to function properly.  Think of it as a car and the engine that does not have any oil, the oil light comes on and it says, feed me oil if you want me to run properly, if you don't I will sputter, not run right because I am being neglected. Think of a flower, which is not being watered, it will wilt or maybe die, because it has not had any water to keep it nourished and thriving.  Okay, why don't you add some lemon, lime, pineapple, or strawberry, these additives will give your water added flavor, and make it refreshing and enticing to drink. Yes, water is everywhere and you really need to drink.    

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