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24 Sep

Beauty is a matter of opinion. I am a strong believer that beauty is skin deep. "Who can really define beauty? Beauty is about being human and loving yourself for what you are and who you are. We are not perfect beings; we are the way our creator deemed. All any of us want is to feel good about ourselves and look the best we can. I discovered in my life, that you are what you eat, and what you eat makes beauty better. Skin has a way of telling our secrets. If the skin is abused, it will tell a story simply by looking at it, no matter the pigmentation. Granted, we all are going to age as we take our journey through life, but why not better appreciate our bodies. We can age faster than ever if our skin is abused, through the likes of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, eating processed food, and over exposure to the sun. You can adjust your lifestyle to guard your beauty and keep your skin healthy. I am not expert, but I am watching the changes in myself because I have rearranged some eating habits, and skin regimens.


Tips: Wash your face with a non abrasive cleaner, pack your face with your favorite moisturizer and body. Drink glasses and glasses of water every day. If you smoke, try to cut down or just quit. If you drink, cutback. You will notice  a big difference with the skin you're in.   

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