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18 Sep

There is nothing like taking a nice warm shower and feeling that water rejuvenates your body and relaxing your muscles as the water falls on your body. It feels good to have your body fall under the magic potion of water after working hard all day, or after you have exercised. After you have left the shower, you must now take care of that body. Find the best moisturizing lotion or find the best one for you. Whenever I have taken a shower, and towel off the excess water, it feels so great, and I love the part when I must moisturize my skin. Pick a moisturizer that is good for your skin type. For I use my pure romance nourishing body lotion, kiss refreshing body spray, etc. It keeps my body feeling so soft and smooth. It takes care of all the dry areas of my body and last all day long. When I get out of the shower, I use it at night as well. I have 24 hours of continuous smooth skin. You can choose whatever makes your skin feel the moisture your body craves.

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